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Juice Beauty’s GREEN APPLE™ Peel How To

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The Juice Beauty bestselling, patented GREEN APPLE™ Peel with alpha hydroxy acids exfoliates and refines to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discoloration, and visibly brighten hyperpigmentation. Delivers spa grade exfoliation revealing a brighter looking complexion.

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VI Peel | My First Chemical Peel

Hey guys,

Welcome or welcome back to my channel.

GUYSSSS! This was a such an experience LOL … Was it worth it?
YES! For me it totally was worth it because my pores appear to be smaller, my skin is brighter and I have a natural glow. If you have ever done this or anything similar please let me know how your experienece was because let me tell you… It wasn’t so easy ! But non the less, I made it.

Love you guys see you in the next on… -xo


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Whatsapp number : 00971501841163
Website : https://www.beautyandbeauty.org

Herbs2peel Put the power of nature in your hands :
The Beauty Peel is the natural alternative to light fruit acids and cosmetic devices [micrormabrasion, etc.]
because it unites a peel without visible signs of peeling with a strong regenerative treatment, which can
be individually applied to a variety of skin conditions.
With this treatment program we provide you with new impulses for your cabin. Our products work
harmoniously with one another. Combining and experimenting with different products is welcome
in order to achieve even better results. Try it out!
The application process of a Beauty Peel generally consists of 5 steps,
whereby the first 3 steps CLEANSE, OPEN & TONE are virtually identical for all treatments.

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